Really Busy Wizards

Being able to reach a once unreachable goal.

Author: Justin Kenyon

The title of this blog is really sensationalizing my idea. However, I don't want to discount it too much before explaining my side of the story. About a two months ago I started creating a list of all the different projects I would like to build once I graduated from Metis. This was really a list of anything I could think of that sounded interesting that didn't already exist in the marketplace. Building up to the start of class a couple of weeks ago, my list had about 15(ish) items on it. I quickly learned that I was going to have to narrow that down and eventually select one for my "Passion Project" or "Capstone Project", which I will start building around week 9, of the 12 week bootcamp. I settled on 1 idea and have really been letting my mind churn on how I am going to accomplish the very daunting task of taking sketches on paper and building a real product. I don't want to give it away just yet, but stay tuned here for details as the weeks roll by.

The biggest thing that I have noticed is: I am starting to see exactly how everything is going to fall into place. Even projects that I didn't pick to be my main project have already been placed in a "I am just going to build these in my spare time anyways" bucket. The possibilites of what I am going to be able to accomplish are really only limited by the amount of time I want to spend on them. Something that I put on the list 2 months ago thinking that I would be able to spend the bulk of my project time on, are now things that I can look at and say, "I can probably tackle that in a day, and take another day or two to make it look nice."

This is a great feeling. One of empowerment, confidence, and a little touch of giddiness. I am loving the ideas that I can now come up with because there are no longer those invisible walls that my brain was automatically putting in front of those seemingly unreachable goals.