Really Busy Wizards

I am a software developer.

Author: Justin Kenyon

Today was my first day at the Metis bootcamp put on by thoughtbot and Kaplan in Boston. I thought today was as good a day as any to stop identifying myself as someone with a background in IT support and start identifying myself as a software developer.

This journey has been a long time coming, and I have even discovered a lot in the months preceeding this kickoff day. One of the most useful things that I have taken away from my introduction into this software development community (specifically the Ruby on Rails community) is that everyone, no matter how many years they have under their belt, is a student of the craft. This fact is particularly comforting to me since I have struggled with identifying myself as a "real developer" and often think that I don't deserve that title, yet. However, as I meet more and more "real developers", I realize that they are continuosly learning as well.

So, as I finish my first day of the inaugural class of Metis, Spring 2014, I will be from now on known as Justin Kenyon, Software Developer [queue trumpets].